Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Burlesque Dress

Burlesque dress is also matched with the type of makeup worn by these glamorous divas. Red lipstick, black eyeliner, flawless foundation and even false eyelashes are all part of the total look that goes with burlesque.
The main image we have of burlesque is of a beautiful and extremely feminine woman wearing a corset and stockings. In fact the right lingerie is a necessity for burlesque dress. So, before you buy anything else for your burlesque wardrobe you’ll need to visit the lingerie department and search for suitable corsets.
You don’t have to go to a specialised shop for burlesque dress unless you want to, as most of the major department stores have a good selection of corsets, suspenders and stockings. The classic style of corset favoured by burlesque fans are so lastingly popular that you’re sure to find them easily. The trick to burlesque is to get an hourglass figure and corsets will help you. You may need extra padding to get the right shape, or you might need more restraint to squeeze into your dress.
Try buying just one corset at first to test it out before shopping for a burlesque dress. It’s possible that you’ll find it too uncomfortable and you aren’t going to get that casual burlesque feminine charisma if you’re not able to relax. So make sure you get a corset that shapes you but still lets you move freely and you’ll have burlesque dress off to a T.
There are different types of corset, from the whaleboned and highly restrictive, to the very attractive lace-ups, and also elasticated versions, and they will all work well with burlesque. It’s important to make sure you get exactly the right size, as each type of corset will squeeze you into shape and this can only be effective for a burlesque dress look if the measurements are exact. Burlesque dress may look wonderful in a cabaret act, but it’s also great for a date. You can keep your corset on through the date and also for a goodnight kiss and any ample folds of flesh will be smoothed neatly out of sight and touch. Burlesque dress corsets are far more attractive than the type of ‘big pants’ worn by Bridget Jones to keep her figure streamlined!

Most men find stockings and suspenders irresistible so burlesque dress gives you an unfair advantage in the attraction stakes. Again you’ll find that the lingerie departments of most stores have a fantastic range of the types of stockings and suspenders  that will make your burlesque wardrobe complete. Accessorise by investing in stylish stilettos and matching handbag, and your burlesque dress will catch the eye of everybody you pass in the street.

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