Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burlesque hourglass curves

Curves are most definitely hot - which is why many girls who have "the look" are seen in corsets, which either give them boobs and a waist or enhance the ones they have. If you haven't yet learned to breathe in a corset, either invest in an underbust one (which leaves the bosoms free) or raid the vintage shops for tops and dresses with no boning but lots of lace, satin and textured material.

A bit of skirt

Trousers simply aren't allowed in the world of burlesque unless you're going for the boyish rakish look. French knickers, yes... But not trousers (how on earth are you going to flash those stockings under trousers, dear creature?)
You can either go for short and fitted pencil skirts, or go all the way with crinolines and elaborate pieces.


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