Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Dress Burlesque Like Dita Von Teese

Burlesque is a branch of the many new trends revived nowadays.
What could be more classy than to adopt a glamorous vintage style?

The burlesque style not an easy style to pull off, you'll need ambition, money and last but not least imagination. The world's most famous burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese is indeed the quintessential of what burlesque really means.

The sexy, sultry image is very flattering to many of the women sporting her style.
The ideas below help you figure out how to dress brulesque like Dita Von Teese.

Find the lady in you

The first step is to invoke your feminine and alluring side. Burlesque pros advise you to look at female icons from the past. Inspiration is the key when trying to adopt this style. Details are as important as the overall image. These all boost your attitude and make your look mysterious, and at the same very sultry.

Enhance those curves

If you are familiar with this style, you might have seen, how curvaceous these ladies are. The trick is in fact in the underwear. Corsets, the favorite undergarments, are must haves.This way all the ladies can transform their body type to the hourglass shape.

There are several corset types, sizes and colors. The point is to find the most comfortable for you. This style is not really comfort oriented - burlesque emphasizes the beauty of the narrow waist and rich bosoms. If you find these uncomfortable you can still buy tops with no bones only laces.

No trousers, darling

Trousers are a no-no piece since these would hide your femininity, but you can still wear pants but do it right and opt for well-tailored, wide-leg trousers. Balance out the masculine look with heavy vampy makeup - red lips, the specific eyeliner flick and faux lashes - and a very feminine retro hairstyle.

It's your choice, either you pull off an extravagant burlesque style or begin with a classic, elegant more daytime look. Dresses and skirts are fabulous, whether you opt for long or shorter ones. Vintage stuff are more than perfect for you. 

Work those heels

How could you emphasize your legs and ankles more than wearing high heels - these are a must to adopt Dita Von Teese's burlesque style. Go to vintage shoe hunting and opt for the highest classy pumps. Meow!

Be unique

Try to adopt the burlesque style by blending it into your personal style. If you don't want to go to over the top, then don't! There are several aspects you can try out. Accessories or hairstyles can be a good beginning.

You can find a signature color or accessory: bows, feathers, gloves, all these can make you look like a real burlesque bombshell.
Whether you apply these tips only on    special occasions or regularly, it depends on your preferences how burlesque you want to be.

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