Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to Burlesque Dance

1. Research burlesque shows in or around your immediate vicinity so you can make a special to watch a burlesque performance live. Go to a show and drink in the festivities. Take a little note pad and jot down your impressions of things you liked and things you didn't like. Use this list to develop your own style when the time comes.

2. Look into the history of the burlesque show by reading some articles or books. Understand that the history of burlesque was intended to not only be a little playful and naughty, but also a social commentary and provocative food for thought.

3. Sign up for a burlesque class. These classes can be found through searching the Internet or visiting a local dance studio and inquiring about class offerings. Consider ordering a how to video online if you are in an area that doesn't offer a burlesque dance class.
4. Pick a character or group of characters to portray during your performances. This should be a character you can personally relate to, something sexy but also slightly comical. Many burlesque dancers invoke the spirit of pin up as this captures a time in history that was rife with social commentary. Develop a dance routine around this character persona.

5. Choose songs or a set of songs that sets a tone for what you are trying to convey. Make the decision early on about how much clothing (if any) you plan to take off during your performances. Make sure that your dance is tasteful as burlesque differs from stripping in that the sensuality comes from the sense of mystery and subdued sexuality as opposed to overt sexuality.

6. Take classes in other forms of dance such as ballet and jazz, since these dances are strong influences in burlesque style. Utilize these various forms in your own routines to capture the eclectic spirit of burlesque dancing.

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