Thursday, September 23, 2010

From New York, where American Burlesque Striptease was born...

...the NY School of Burlesque combines direct training from the most glamourous performers of the 1940s-1960s with the mischief and creativity of the most prolific neo-burlesque scene in the world! We offer classes for fun, exercise, or training to perform, depending on your level of interest.

The New York School of Burlesque gives you access to amazing and experienced teachers with a real commitment to joyous, dazzling burlesque, and a love of performance. These teachers will fully engage and inspire you! We are the first, the original, and the most fun burlesque school in NYC. We're not jumping on the burlesque bandwagon--we built it! We have been producing classes for 7 years, as well as producing DVDs and hand books. We produce student showcases from some of our classes, presenting NYC's newest burlesque performers. Join the feathery, fringe-y fun!

Headmistress and Founder Jo Weldon wrote the book on performing burlesque!

The Essential Burlesque Dance Series

 Want to take the entire series of beginner burlesque dance classes? Learn all the moves that make burlesque so much fun: the sexy shimmy, the tantalizing glove peel, the devastating bump n grind, and the dazzling tassel-twirl, chair dance, fan dance, and more!

Bachelorette, Birthday, and Other Events
We are the original burlesque party providers. Don't risk hiring someone who's just jumping on the burlesque bandwagon. Trust your event to our experience and expertise, and treat yourself and your friends to a fabulous class!

For pinup modeling or a glam night out!
Discover how to curl any type of hair, create long-lasting Victory rolls, glamorous waves, sturdy up-dos, and how to create hairstyles to withstand hot studio and stage lights or vigorous dancing! Also learn how to incorporate accessories for quick vintage looks and how to troubleshoot mishaps.
Stalking the Stocking!
Do you know the trick to keeping your stocking clinging tantalizingly to your toe right before you pop it off, or how to handle the band of your stocking to keep it from catching in the bend of your knee when you strip? Do you know what to do with your shoe when you take it off to reveal your stockinged foot? All this and more in this playful, teasing, incredibly sexy class!
Ultimate Self Confidence!
World Famous *BOB* is offering her celebrated self-confidence workshop! Ultimate Self Confidence is the radical and astonishing workshop that everyone is talking about! As seen in the Village Voice "Best of New York 2008" guide. World Famous *BOB* has created a workshop to encourage women (this class is currently women-only, though a co-ed version is planned to be offered in the future) to take larger steps towards who they ultimately want to be - whether it is on stage or in everyday life situations. Confidence is something that is only true when it is created by ourselves and *BOB* will guide you through a series of fun and sometimes challenging exercises to create "courage references" that are guaranteed to stay with you long after you've left class. Come ready to work and be prepared to amaze even yourself!
Hula Hoop with Miss Saturn
HULA HOOPING FOR AN AUDIENCE. This workshop can apply to any type of prop manipulation in performing as well as all levels of performers. We will focus on cultivating a performer's "bag of tricks." We will work beginnings, middles, and ends, attempt to strip away extraneous movement, incorporate exercises that bring focus from inward to outward thus sharpening the performer/audience relationship, and finally looking at different techniques in handling nervous energy. Please come with shoes you like to perform in or a costume piece that will help you organically get in touch with your performer "persona." It helps to bring something that is not apart of your day to day-for example if you never wear lip stick or a bowler hat trying wearing it during the workshop. It does not matter how developed the "persona" is. Come to play.

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